Bachelor of Fine Arts

The BFA in Fine Arts is offered by HSU's art department. BFA students work closely with faculty from our eight different media areas: Painting, Drawing/Illustration, Printmaking, Graphic Design/Digital Media, Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, Jewelry/Small Metals. The BFA degree offers students the opportunity to further their studio art practice and to prepare for graduate school or professional art careers through a rigorous and focused course of study in the visual arts. The BFA requires 70 units of Art classes (as opposed to 54 units for the BA in studio art).

The BFA is a cohort-based program for students in their junior and senior years. Students will typically be admitted to the program in the spring of their sophomore year. Students may be able to apply to enter the program in the fall of their junior year, if space permits.

Students applying to the program should have taken the 5 core classes of the HSU studio art major (Art 103A - Art History Survey I, Art 103B – Art History Survey II, 105B - Drawing Fundamentals, 105C - 2D Foundations, 105D - 3D Foundations) or their equivalents as well as two lower division studio electives. One of these classes may be in progress. Students should have a B average in the major at the time of application.

Applications will be accepted in Fall 2019 for students planning to graduate in Spring 2021. Applications will be accepted in Spring 2020 for students planning to graduate in Spring 2022. Fall applications will be due November 4th, 2019. The deadline for Spring applications will be announced later this year. 

To apply, you will need to submit the following:

- A personal statement (250-500 words)

- A copy of your DARS/transcript

- 12-15 samples of your work (3 from Art 105B or equivalent, 3 from Art 105C or equivalent, 3 from Art 105D or equivalent and 3-6 from studio elective courses)

- The name and email address for 2 academic references. 

If you need help with best procedures for photographing your artwork, watch THIS VIDEO.

If you have additional questions please email Heather Madar at

BFA Application 2019-2020