2021 Art Graduates Exhibition

Presented Virtually April 30th-June 30th

We celebrate our 2021 class of Art Department Graduates with our annual exhibition, this year presented virtually from being installed physically at the Reese Bullen Gallery. The 35 represented graduating student artists showcase work across an array of diverse mediums: photography, printmaking, jewelry, drawing & illustration, sculpture, ceramics, and painting. 

As always with the Art Graduates Exhibition we will be holding an Opening Awards Ceremony, presented virtually on Friday April 30th at 2pm. All are welcome to attend, and please feel free to invite your friends and family! If you missed out on the Awards Ceremony, please email brb24@humboldt.edu for a link to the recording. 

We will have real-time virtual tours via zoom available May 3rd through May 11th for friends and families of the student artists, and visitors who want to see the exhibition. Please contact the Gallery Director, Brittany Britton, at brb24@humboldt.edu for more information. 


Link to Matterport virtual walkthrough

Participating Graduating Artists: Michelle Andrews, Savannah Baird, Myah Baisch, Ruben Beaz, Teagan Bevins, Alex Budesa, Cecilia Carabez, Ryan Coffey, Sheala Dunlap, Darian Francki, Woody Fuzzell, Winchi De Jesus, Russell Grayson,Yarexi Gutierrez, Justus Heffernan, Zareah Huff, Clairissa Keesey, Emily Landheer , Sean Micklos, Mykaela Montgomery, Eva Nebenzahl, Paige Rinehart, Mary Scanlan, Kat Polik, Sara Kimber, Katalina Prince, Gage Seber, Samantha Siakovich-Inshaw, Skylar Silva, Autumn Sturges, Sam Oetinger & Jodi Taelor, Jonah Simmonss, Michelle Stone, Ander Tsung, & Shasta Werthman.

Sheala Dunlap, Resilience

Abstract bronze sculpture, planks of rough surfaced bronze forming an abstract castle shape

Sheala Dunlap, “Resilience”, 2021, Bronze, 20.5 x 17 x 12 in.




Samantha Siakovich-Inshaw, Elk Skull 01

A low fire ceramic sculpture of an anatomical elk skull.

Samantha Siakovich-Inshaw, “Elk Skull 01”, 2020, low fire ceramics, 7x8x20
Winner: Ceramics Laundry Award


Kat Polik, Liminal Space 1

An oil on canvas painting of a small stream leading to a neon light heart archway labeled “Tunnel of

Kat Polik, “Liminal Space #1”, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 12"x20"


Woody, Rebirth of Venus

A large acrylic on wood panel painting that features the artist's interpretation of the popular art

Woody, “Rebirth of Venus”, 2018, acrylic on wood panel, 47"x 42"


Paige Rinehart, Untitled

A white ceramic torso wall piece featuring an arrow going through the figures chest.

Paige Rinehart, “Untitled”,  2021, Midrange Ceramic, Underglaze and Glaze, 22" x 17" x 3.5"

Winner: Ceramics Laundry Award

IG: @paigespottery


Cecilia Carabez, Untitled

Black and white photo image of a light colored house that is among overgrown briars

Cecilia Carabez“Untitled”, 2020, photo print,  17"x22"

Winner: Tom Knight Award for Photography




Sean Micklos, Honeyed Raku

Ceramic vase with lid, with multicolored earth tones from a Raku firing

Sean Micklos, “Honeyed Raku”, 2020, Ceramic, 11'' x 8'' x 8


Myah Baisch, Under the Blanket

This acrylic and charcoal on art board piece features two figures under a dark yellow patterned blan

Myah Baisch, “Under The Blanket”, 2021, Acrylic and charcoal on art board, 8” x 10” x .05”

Winner: Drawing/Illustration Award


Sara Kimber, Marked

sculpture of a terracotta colored nude female figure seated on a wooden block

Sara Kimber, “Marked”, 2020, Ceramic, wood, steel plate, 12x8x8 inches

 Winner: Museum & Gallery Practices Award


Mary Scanlan, Lady Eboshi

Abstract painting with organic shapes in purple, bright orange, greens on light background

Mary Scanlan, “Lady Eboshi”, 2021, oil on panel, 24"x24"

Winner: 2021 Art Center Award




Gage Seber, In Hope You'll Listen

A series of four ink on paper prints that depict various geometrical shapes, musical symbols, etc

Gage Seber, In Hope You'll Listen”, 2019, Prints (Ink on Paper), 25.75" x 15.625" 


Skylar Silva, Don't Let the Dragon Drag-on

A large canvas print featuring an image of a concrete wall that has been painted with a pink dragon

Skylar Silva, “Don't Let the Dragon Drag-on”, 2021, Canvas Print, 36”x48”


Justus Heffernan, Ephemeral

ceramic sculptural teapot of a castle surrounded by a wall with waves crashing

Justus Heffernan, “Ephemeral”, 2020, Ceramic, 10”x12”x6”


Ruben Beaz, Madre Cosmica

relief print of a griffin-like creature in black print on buff paper with a stamp underneath

Ruben Beaz, “Madre Cosmica”, 2021, relief print, 7" x 8"

Winner: Drawing/Illustration Award

Darian Francki, (In)Voluntary Extinction

Mixed found materials in the shape of a torso with an outstretched arm, with a clay canine skull

Darian Francki, “(In)Voluntary Extinction”, 2021, Found objects and Clay, 48”x36”x12”

Michelle Andrews, In a Mechanized World

An ink on paper work that depicts two mechanized birds resting on pipes.

Michelle Andrews, “In a Mechanized World”, 2019 Ink on paper, 20 5/8" x 26 5/8"


Winchi De Jesus, Splat

A chunky bronze ring featuring cut and set stones. They are set into the shape of a smiley face.

Winchi De Jesus, “Splat”, 2021, Bronze, Cubic Zirconia, 2.5”x3”x2.5”

Winner: Jewelry Award, 1st Place


Emily Landheer, Plague Doctor Mask

A plague doctor mask composed of cardstock, acrylic paint, elastic and eyeglasses.

Emily Landheer, “Plague Doctor Mask”, 2020,Cardstock, acrylic paint, elastic, and glasses lenses, 12"x6"x9.5"


Eva Nebenzahl, “Serving Platters, (What should we grow, What do we nurture)”

Two wheel thrown, soda fired stoneware platters. etched image of a human pelvis

Eva Nebenzahl, “Serving Platters, (What should we grow, What do we nurture)”, 2021, Wheel thrown stoneware, Cone 10 soda fired, 12" diameter & 13.5" diameter

Winner: Phoenix Ceramics & Fire Supply Award



Mykaela Montgomery, “The Forgotten Cowboy”

A color pencil drawing of a dark-skinned man, wearing a wide brimmed hat, holds the reins of a brown

Mykaela Montgomery, “The Forgotten Cowboy”, 2021, Colored Pencil, 16”x20”

2021 HSU Permanent Collection Purchase Prize,
Redwood Art Association Award
Drawing/Illustration Award


Samuel Oetinger & Jodi Taelor, The People Have Spoken

Black pen drawing of many different intertwined faces and flowers and figures on a white background

Sam Oetinger & Jodi Taelor, “The People Have Spoken”, 2021, Pen and Ink, 18”x24”




Savannah Baird, Baby Mobile

A mobile comprised of seven ceramic and porcelain baby body parts.

Savannah Baird, “Baby Mobile”, 2019, Ceramic, Acrylic, Porcelain, 25” x 5”


Teagan Bevins, Untitled

Bronze cast knuckle duster with spikes running across the top.

Teagan Bevins, “Untitled”, 2021, Cast Bronze, 2"x4.5"x1.5"

 Winner: Jewelry Award - 2nd Place, Jewelry Club Award



Yarexi Gutierrez, The Birth of Sacrifice

painting of three figures in an ocean coast scene

Yarexi Gutierrez, "The Birth of Sacrifice", 2021, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x30"

 Winner: Glenn Berry Painting Award, 1st place


Zareah Huff, Circular Vase

Circular vase glazed in greens and earthtones

Zareah Huff, “Circular Vase”, 2019, Recycled stoneware and glaze, 13in/6in/1.5in


Russell Grayson, For Each a Monkey

A collection of Barrel of Monkeys, with each one representing a member of the art dept.

Russell Grayson, “For Each a Monkey”, 2021, Plastic, 9’ x 4’ variable 

Winner: Distance(d) Award


Alex Budesa, Untitled

A long print of a geometric design and pattern on an orange/dark blue gradient.

Alex Budesa, “Untitled”, 2021, Digital Print, 48" x 24"

Winner: Distance(d) Award


Autumn Sturges, Sweet Thing

painting on wood panel, with a fat female nude figure front and center with flowers around her hips.

Autumn Sturges, “Sweet Thing”, 2021, Acrylic paint, chalk pastel, graphite, and colored pencil on wood panel, 36” by 48”

Winner: HSU Perpetual Alumni Award


Shasta Werthman, Untitled (flower dress)

Thrift store flowers adorn a damaged dress, the flowers change colors following the rainbow around t

Shasta Werthman, “Untitled (flower dress)”, 2020, Damaged dress, thrift store flowers, hot glue 48”x20”x20”

Winner: Distance(d) Award


Ander Tsung, Dn'A

A rectangular wall hanging that features a half black half white, angel/devil, happy/sad mirrored

Ander Tsung “Dn'A”, 2021, Wood, Polyester, string, 9"x 15.25"


Ryan Coffey, Emerald Sun

Black pen drawings on a green background with brush texture.

Ryan Coffey, “Emerald Sun”, 2020, Acrylic paint on plywood, 32.5 by 24.5 inches


Katalina Prince, SEAd

Sculpture with a triangular metal base w/ a set of river stones, block of redwood in the background.

Katalina Prince,  “SEAd”, 2019, Stone, Redwood, Steel, 15 x 23 x12 inches 

Winner: Ingrid Nickelsen Trust - Outsanding Woman Artist Award



Clairissa Keesey, Swallowtail in Chiloquin, Oregon

A high flow acrylic painting featuring a yellow swallowtail butterfly in front of a plant sprouting

Clairissa Keesey, “Swallowtail in Chiloquin, Oregon”, 2020, high flow acrylic, 12”x14”


Jonah Simmonss, Frampus, I Like Sweets Instead of Kids

bronze sculpture of a mask with a skull-like face and horns on the forehead

Jonah Simmonss, “Frampus, I like sweets instead of kids”, 2020, Bronze, 11”x10”x7”


Michelle Stone, Untitled (Change is the only constant)

A charcoal on paper movement drawing featuring a single individual at three different points.

Michelle Stone, “Untitled (Change is the only Constant)”, 2021, Charcoal on paper, 18”x24”

Winner: Museum & Gallery Practices Award