Current Exhibition: 2020 Art Graduates

The 2020 Art Graduates Exhibition had been postponed from the Spring semester, and has moved to a virtual exhibition. This exhibition showcases the achievements of HSU’s graduating Art majors. It features a broad range of forms and styles, reflecting students’ diverse identities and influences, as well as a range of media concentrations - from painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and drawing - within the HSU Art Department. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our emerging artists!


Click the image to see a 360 view of the 2020 Art Graduates Exhibition! 

screenshot of a view of Matterport app screen showing a Play Icon and a view of the Reese Bullen Gallery

Exhibiting Artists:

April Abbott

Brissa Christophersen

Meredith DeWees

Droh Droh

Eloisa Garcia-Caro 

Patrick Garcia

Hez Graham

Mia Gonzales

Samantha A. Hernandez

Jake Langston

Maya Makino

Alejandra Mejia

Mir de Silva

Dylan Steinert

Ellen Thompson


panel of a monster-like figure in muted tones

Mir de Silva, Harpy, 2019, Oil on Panel

Rectangle panel showing a woman looking towards the viewer in a snowy setting with owls around her

Mia Gonzales, Boca de La Muerte, Lechuza en Noche, 2019, Acrylic on wood panel scrap 

Two photos side by side, one of a hand reaching into a car motor, the other a figure in a helmet

Jake Langston, Genuine Motors, 2020, Archival inkjet print

watercolor of two bunny figures in an abstract dark colored background

Hez Graham, Confessions of a Frigid Night, 2019, Acrylic & micron pen on paper 

A woodblock print of two stylized birds in flight, using red and black inks against a grey paper.

Ellen Thompson, Flight, 2020, Handprinted multi-block woodcut print

Photograph of faces pressed up against glass with tongues and mouths open with glitter

Alejandra Mejia, Bliss, 2020 Archival Inkjet Print

*Winner of the Tom Knight Award for Photography

April Abbott, Round n' Round We Go, 2019, Oil on Panel

black and white photo of a woman looking outwards with cutouts of another image inserted

Samantha A. Hernandez, "There's a distance between you & me..." (Jocelyn), 2020, Archival inkjet print

*Winner of the Tom Knight Award for Photography

Patrick Garcia, Community Forest (Leaner), 2020, Archival inkjet print

painterly landscape view up a creek in early spring, no leaves on tree

Maya Makino, Bald Hills, Early Spring, 2020, Oil on canvas

painting with numerous textures with a giraffe figure facing away but turned to look back

Meredith DeWees, Follow Me, 2018, Acrylic on canvas

comic showing a ghost figure and a cloud waking u going to work trimming then coming home to smoke

Eloisa Garcia-Caro, Frenowood Comix: Quarantine Routine, 2020, Acrylic, watercolor, pens, markers, and graphite on toned paper 

Photo of a dark road with high flash, a line of nude males, laying foot to head,

Dylan Steinert, Road to Nowhere, 2020, Archival pigment print

view of gallery space with a chair leaning backwards linked to the wall its facing in front by torn

Droh Droh, Pancita, 2020, Found and repurposed items

IG: art_de_drohdroh 

Dark blue back with a black bird standing on one leg on a discoball to the right side of the canvas.

Brissa Christophersen, 'Alae Ke'oke'o on a Discoball, 2019, Acrylic on stretched canvas