Current Exhibition: 2020 Art Graduates

The 2020 Art Graduates Exhibition had been postponed from the Spring semester, and has moved to a virtual exhibition. This exhibition showcases the achievements of HSU’s graduating Art majors. It features a broad range of forms and styles, reflecting students’ diverse identities and influences, as well as a range of media concentrations - from painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and drawing - within the HSU Art Department. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our emerging artists!


Click the image to see a 360 view of the 2020 Art Graduates Exhibition! 

screenshot of a view of Matterport app screen showing a Play Icon and a view of the Reese Bullen Gallery

Exhibiting Artists:

April Abbott

Brissa Christophersen

Meredith DeWees

Droh Droh

Eloisa Garcia-Caro 

Patrick Garcia

Hez Graham

Mia Gonzales

Samantha A. Hernandez

Jake Langston

Maya Makino

Alejandra Mejia

Mir de Silva

Dylan Steinert

Ellen Thompson


painted wood panel with a monster-like figure in muted tones

Mir de Silva, Harpy, 2019, Oil on Panel

Rectangular painted panel showing a woman looking towards the viewer in a snowy setting with owls around her

Mia Gonzales, Boca de La Muerte, Lechuza en Noche, 2019, Acrylic on wood panel scrap 

Two photos side by side, one of a hand reaching into a car motor, the other a figure in a helmet

Jake Langston, Genuine Motors, 2020, Archival inkjet print

watercolor of two bunny figures in an abstract dark colored background

Hez Graham, Confessions of a Frigid Night, 2019, Acrylic & micron pen on paper 

A woodblock print of two stylized birds in flight, using red and black inks against a grey paper.

Ellen Thompson, Flight, 2020, Handprinted multi-block woodcut print

Photograph of faces pressed up against glass with tongues and mouths open, black background and gold glitter in the foreground

Alejandra Mejia, Bliss, 2020 Archival Inkjet Print

*Winner of the Tom Knight Award for Photography

April Abbott, Round n' Round We Go, 2019, Oil on Panel

black and white photo of a woman looking outwards with cutouts of another image inserted

Samantha A. Hernandez, "There's a distance between you & me..." (Jocelyn), 2020, Archival inkjet print

*Winner of the Tom Knight Award for Photography

black and white photo of a forest with a fallen tree leaning

Patrick Garcia, Community Forest (Leaner), 2020, Archival inkjet print

painterly landscape view up a creek in early spring, no leaves on tree

Maya Makino, Bald Hills, Early Spring, 2020, Oil on canvas

painting with numerous textures with a giraffe figure facing away but turned to look back

Meredith DeWees, Follow Me, 2018, Acrylic on canvas

Two page comic showing a little ghost figure and a cloud waking up and going to work trimming. then coming home to smoke.

Eloisa Garcia-Caro, Frenowood Comix: Quarantine Routine, 2020, Acrylic, watercolor, pens, markers, and graphite on toned paper 

Photograph of a dark road with high flash on, a line of nude male figures, foot to head, lay in the center line with their feet facing the camera. with one nude male figure crouching down to look at the line of nude male figures. All are the same person.

Dylan Steinert, Road to Nowhere, 2020, Archival pigment print

view of gallery space with a chair leaning backwards linked to the wall its facing in front by torn fabric strips of many colors. Looks like fabric is exploding out of the wall.

Droh Droh, Pancita, 2020, Found and repurposed items

IG: art_de_drohdroh 

Dark blue background with a black bird standing on one leg on a discoball to the right side of the canvas.

Brissa Christophersen, 'Alae Ke'oke'o on a Discoball, 2019, Acrylic on stretched canvas